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WoWonder v4.0.1 – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platforms

WoWonder is a PHP Social Network Script, and it’s the easiest way to get started with your own social networking site! Our platform is quick, secure, and updated on a regular basis.Thanks to our innovative API architecture, WoWonder is the only social network on the market that completely supports native mobile apps!

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/wowonder-the-ultimate-php-social-network-platform/13785302

Features: WoWonder – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platforms

Cache System with High Performance and Levels: The most important feature of any social networking website is its speed! Enable our Cache system to speed up your website, and it will be able to accommodate more than 1 million users!
Wonder: Our new tool allows users to wander through posts, photographs, and videos.
Support for RTL: Right-to-left languages are also supported by WoWonder.
Login with your social media account: WoWonder allows you to log in using the most popular social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Vk, and Instagram).
URL that is simple and appealing to the eye: Users, Pages, and Groups are all included in a single URL!
Last Seen by User: The user’s last seen/online status is displayed.
Notification of a profile visit: Users who have viewed your profile will be notified.
System of Friends and Followers: WoWonder has a buddy system similar to Facebook and a follow system similar to Twitter.
Home/Alerts: Friends/followed people’s posts, photos, files, videos, and maps are displayed, as well as narrative filters, follow/friends suggestions, and a summary of user actions.
Timeline of the User: Displays the person’s profile, including all of the posts, photos, and videos that the user has made and shared.
Pages: The user may build as many pages as he wants and encourage his friends to like them.
Groups: The user can build an infinite number of groups and invite/add his friends to them.
Games: The user can play as many flash games as they like.
Support for Social Videos: Users may effortlessly share videos from the most popular video sharing sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Vine, Vimeo, Facebook videos, and others.
Photo Gallery: The user may construct an endless number of photo albums in a pleasing design.
Image for the Cover: For users, there is a dynamic cover.
Picture for your profile: For users, a dynamic profile image is available.
Privacy of Users: Control who may message you, post on your timeline, follow you, confirm whether or not you want to be followed, and so on.
Information about the user: Information about the user’s profile is displayed (birthday, website, gender, social media, about, last seen, etc).
Notifications: Users can send you notifications (likes, dislikes, comments, wonders, shares .. etc)
#Hashtags: Displays popular and relevant subjects that users have discussed.
@Mentions: To tag someone in a status or message, use @username.
Publisher’s Note: Status, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vine, Google Maps, Videos, Files, Photos, and Emoticons are just a few of the features available.
Posts Can Be Deleted and Edited: The user has the ability to remove and update his own posts.
Posts to be saved: Posts can be saved and viewed at a later time by the user.
User Happenings: Users can share experiences such as feelings, laboring, watching, playing, and listening.
Recent Lookups: Whatever the user was looking for will be preserved in recent searches, which may be cleared at any time.
After Privacy: The user can pick the level of privacy for their posts (Only me, Everyone.. etc)
Likes: Like or disapprove of a post. View a list of individuals who are fans of this.
Dislike: A post that you don’t like. See a list of folks who don’t like it.
Comments and Reactions: Reply to a remark, leave a comment on an article, etc. View all of the comments on the post.
Search: With our restricted search method, you can find persons and #Hashtags.
Reports: Administrators will review the reports.
Chat in real time: (Online, offline) state of real-time live chat system.
Messages: Send and receive private messages from other users, as well as share files.
API: Using the API, you can have access to user data, user postings, and user searches.
Activities: Shows the user’s most recent activity (likes, shares,comments, wonders)
Multilingualism: There are four languages available (Arabic, English, Russian, and Turkish), with the option to add more.
Profiles/Pages that have been verified.
All devices and browsers are fully responsive.
Email password recovery
On the admin and home pages, there is an online user counter.
auto detector remark
Admin Options
Dashboard for the Admin: Complete statics with charts evaluating the site’s data.
General Preferences: Update the website’s general settings.
Configuration of the website: Change the site’s name, title, and keywords. and so on.
System of Themes: A dynamic theme system with PHP support that allows you to completely modify the look and feel of your website.
Advertisement: Place advertisements on your website.
Reports Management: View the posts that have been reported, flag them as safe, or remove them.
Organize Users: Users may be seen, edited, verified, passwords reset, and deleted.
Organize your posts: View and remove your posts.
Add/Remove Games: The admin interface makes it simple to add and change games.
e-mail list: You may send your message to all registered users with only one click using our mailing list system!
Announcements: Your announcements can be written, edited, deleted, active, or inactive.
Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track: Google Analytics code may be added and edited.
User has been banned.: Ben’s IP address may be found in a very simple manner.
reCaptcha: Make changes to your reCaptcha key.

There are a slew of other features as well!

Changelog: WoWonder – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platforms

v4.0.1 (23 Feb 2022)
ADDED audio player for mp3 files.
ADDED yandex API for maps.
ADDED yandex payment method.
ADDED iyzipay payment method.
ADDED securionpay payment method.
ADDED authorize.Net payment method.
ADDED ok.ru social login.
ADDED new APIs in developers page: get_pages, get_groups, get_products, get_followers, get_following, get_friends
ADDED mobile apps links in welcome page and sidebar, managed from admin panel -> website information.
UPDATED design in few sections.
UPDATED documentation & FAQs: https://docs.wowonder.com/ .
FIXED price not showing in products.
FIXED links not working on profile page.
FIXED ajax load in few pages.
FIXED broken images when importing a link.
FIXED add as familly system.
FIXED XSS vulnerability.
FIXED 10+ more minor bugs.
FIXED bugs in API.

v4.0 (07 Feb 2022) [Ultimate Update]
ADDED website mode, switch your website instantly to Linkedin mode. (Instagram, Twitter, AskFM, Patreon are coming soon).
ADDED website mode, switch your website instantly to Linkedin mode. (Instagram, Twitter, AskFM, Patreon are coming soon).
ADDED marketplace system, users can now buy and sell products + admin commission.
ADDED moderator rules manager, now you can choose what a moderator can do.
ADDED more ads placements (jobs, forums, movies, offers & funding) & entire site option.
ADDED multiple levels affiliate system.
ADDED custom ban message for every user.
ADDED the ability to translate terms pages.
ADDED CoinBase payment method.
ADDED new search system for Linkedin mode.
ADDED more APIs.
ADDED ReCaptcha to create article page.
ADDED Wasabi Storage.
ADDED new welcome page.
ADDED remember me on login page.
ADDED mutli languages support for terms, privacy and about pages.
UPDATED bulksms API.
UPDATED CoinPayments API.
UPDATED marketplace, jobs & movies pages design (default theme).
UPDATED desgin in a few other pages (default theme).
UPDATED left sidebar icons. (default theme)
UPDATED documentation & FAQs: https://docs.wowonder.com/ .
CLEANED 10,000+ lines of outdated code.
ORGINZED PHP code format (HTML coming in next update).
FIXED images with _small extensions is not getting deleted on remote storage.
FIXED watermark isn’t working on images posts.
FIXED family memebers texts.
FIXED auto username, pages likes or groups joins isn’t working when you register using the app.
FIXED login with instagram isn’t working.
FIXED email notifications are not working on follow, view profile or comments.
FIXED digitalocean test button wasn’t working in admin panel.
FIXED Audio/video calls are not working from website to apps using agora.
FIXED “common things” page php fatal error.
FIXED 2 XSS exploits. [Important!]
FIXED blank page when adding / in url.
FIXED site-map doesn’t generate more than 50K links.
FIXED read more button on mobile.
FIXED 30+ more minor bugs.
FIXED bugs in API.

v3.2.2 (09 Augest 2021)
ADDED Palestine to country list.
REMOVED dublicated nginx rules in nginx.conf, update required for nginx users.
REPLACED Yahoo weather with new provider https://openweathermap.org
FIXED live video not working on firefox.
FIXED blog point issue, user will get points now after approving.
FIXED nearby shops counter.
FIXED line break issue in nodejs chat system.
FIXED refund page wasn’t apearing.
FIXED add movies page in admin, sometimes it looks broken.
FIXED bank details wasn’t getting updated in admin panel.
FIXED issues in desgin.
FIXED video post on MySQL 8 and PHP 8.
FIXED more minor bugs.
FIXED bugs in API.

v3.2.1 (28 June 2021)
ADDED delete account E-mail to Manage Emails in admin panel.
RE-ORGINZED admin panel links, content, texts and created auto save system.
FIXED seen issue on nodejs.
FIXED FTP support on nodejs.
FIXED “View X Posts” on newsfeed (NodeJS).
FIXED 2 security issues (important).
FIXED double points when posting multi images.
FIXED 500 Error when accessing a page without being logged in.
FIXED URL fetcher, it wasn’t fetching URLs from WoWonder blogs.
FIXED bugs in API.

v3.2 (8 June 2021)
ADDED ability to edit and translate emails from admin panel, under Tools > Manage E-mails.
ADDED expire time for reset password links, 12 hours.
ADDED FFMPEG for video conversation + thumbnail generation + debug ffmpeg feature from admin panel + up to 4K video support, (Enable / Disable).
ADDED auto username generator, for new user registration users are not required to write their username. (Enable / Disable)
ADDED new APIs, more than 40+.
ADDED reactions for messages, (ajax / nodejs).
ADDED reply system for messages, (ajax / nodejs).
ADDED reactions system for stories.
ADDED reply system for stories.
ADDED gifs + stickers to comment system.
ADDED gifs + stickers to reply system.
ADDED video chat by Agora.
ADDED terms of use checkbox to contact us page.
ADDED the ability to delete poll answers while creating one.
ADDED login with Mailru, Discord, WeChat and QQ.
ADDED ability to delete selected user’s messages, stories, posts, articles, and notifications from admin panel.
RE-ADDED script version in admin panel sidebar.
UPDATED twilio video chat system.
UPDATED message seen systemn (NodeJS).
FIXED 80+ reported bugs and improvments.
FIXED bugs in API.

v3.1.3 (12 April 2021)
ADDED real-time notification system.
IMPROVED server load & site speed.
REMOVED All PHP ajax intervals, requests, and loops from clinet end (if nodejs enabled) and replaced to realtime web socket.
FIXED 3+ reported bugs.
FIXED bugs in API.

v3.1.2 (28 March 2021)
ADDED support for PHP 8.0+ and MySQL 8.0
ADDED new ajax load system for admin panel, now admin panel pages are loaded thru ajax.
UPDATED nodejs chat system, now users can see typing action on messages user list, real time avatar update, name, and status.
UPDATED S3 / Spaces libraries.
IMPROVED speed on PHP 8.0
FIXED 20+ reported bugs.
FIXED bugs in API.

v3.1.1 (05 March 2021)
FIXED 10+ reported bugs.
FIXED bugs in API.

v3.1 (04 March 2021)
ADDED new messaging system powered by NodeJS and websockets, now chat are faster, real time, and smoother.
ADDED new admin panel v2, with many options.
ADDED new timestamp system, e.g (1 mintue ago -> 1 m, 2 hours ago -> 2 hrs, 1 month ago -> 4 w, 1 year ago -> 1 y)
ADDED new notifications for admin panel, now you’ll get notificed for any new bank payments, verfication requests and more.
ADDED night mode to admin panel.
IMPROVED security. [Important]
FIXED 60+ reported bugs.
FIXED bugs in API.

v3.0.3 (08 July 2020)
ADDED ability to choose camera on live streaming.
ADDED thumbnail for live streaming videos.
ADDED female avatar for female users.
ADDED Few more APIs. (payment methods)
FIXED 20+ reported bugs.
FIXED bugs in API.

v3.0.2 (26 May 2020)
ADDED Agora Live Streaming.
ADDED Few more APIs.
FIXED 40+ reported bugs.
FIXED bugs in API.
IMPROVED Load speed.

v3.0.1 (18 April 2020)
FIXED 10+ bugs.
FIXED bugs in API.

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Download WoWonder v4.0.1 Nulled – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platforms

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.

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