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phpRank v1.7.0 – SEO Reports & Tools Platform (SaaS)

phpRank Nulled is a complete SEO Reports and Tools Platform that allows you to create analytical, succinct, and easy-to-understand SEO reports that will improve the ranking and performance of your website.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/phprank-seo-reports-platform/35522081

Features for Users
DASHBOARD – Get a quick overview of your account. Manage your most recent or underperforming Reports with ease.
REPORTS – Take control of your SEO reports and obtain actionable data:
Description (meta)
Keywords in the content
Keywords for images
URL that is SEO friendly
404 error page
Links on the same page

Compression of text
Time to load
the size of the page
Requests made using HTTP
Format for images
Defer javascript
Size of the DOM

Encryption over HTTPS
Safe Browsing on Google
Email in plaintext

Data that is organized
Viewport meta
Set of characters
Length of content
Ratio of text to HTML
CSS inline
HTML is no longer supported.

PROJECTS – Manage your projects and keep track of their progress.
TOOLS – Web utilities and tools:
Checker for SERPs
Checker for indexed pages
Tool for keyword research
Tool to verify the status of a website
SSL checker software
Lookup tool for WHOIS
Lookup tool for DNS
QR code maker
Lookup an IP address
Lookup by User-Agent
Generator of passwords
MD5 calculator
Minifier for JS
CSS minifier is a useful tool.
Tool to reduce the size of HTML documents
slug’s text
Converting cases
a word count
Lorem ipsum generator
Convert URLs
Base64 decoder

EXPORT — Print or export Reports as PDF files, or export the Account Summary as a CSV file.
CHECKOUT — Use Stripe (credit card), PayPal, Coinbase (cryptocurrency), or a bank transfer to complete your transaction.

Admin Options
DASHBOARD – This is a visual representation of the dashboard. Get a sense of what’s going on with the website.
SETTINGS — Modify the many setup parameters for the website.
PAYMENTS – Keep track of your payments. Payments can be seen, approved, or declined.
PLANS – Keep track of your plans. Plans can be created, edited, suspended, or viewed.
TAX RATES – Keep track of your tax rates. Tax Rates can be created, edited, suspended, or seen.
COUPONS – Keep track of your coupons. Coupons can be created, edited, suspended, or viewed.
USERS – Organize your users. Accounts can be viewed, edited, deleted, or suspended.
REPORTS – Keep track of your reports. Reports can be seen, edited, or deleted.

1.7.0 — 18 July 2022
After updating to v1.7.0, please consult the Cron job section of the Documentation and update your cron job task accordingly.
Added new Tool: Word Density Counter
Added new Tool: Tag Remover
Added new Tool: Text Reverser
Improved the cron jobs system (added ability to add unlimited tasks)
Fixed helper links in the Admin Panel Dashboard not working
Other minor improvements

1.6.0 — 7 July 2022
Fixed the Copy button from SERP Checker Tool not working
Fixed the Webhook fields not being saved in the Admin Panel
Fixed minimum requirements check during the Installation process not being updated
Other minor improvements

1.5.0 — 24 June 2022
Please consult the Requirements section before upgrading.
Added new payment gateway: Paystack (checkout using a credit card)
Added new payment gateway: Razorpay (checkout using a credit card)
Added new payment gateway: Crypto.com (checkout using a cryptocurrency)
Added new SEO report test: Server signature
Added new SEO report test: Mixed content
Added new SEO report test: Unsafe cross-origin links
Added new Tool: Color Converter
Added new Tool: URL Parser
Added new Tool: UUID Generator
Added Two-factor Authentication system
Added Webhooks on User Store, Update, and Delete events
Added the ability to add both light and dark mode logos
Added the ability to create coupons with unlimited quantity number
Improved the Http Requests SEO report test: video and audio requests are now included
Improved the dark mode
Updated all the dependencies to their latest versions
Fixed an issue that could cause Payments and Invoices to be duplicated
Fixed an issue that would immediately remove the User’s plan features after cancellation
Other minor improvements

1.4.0 – 21 April 2022
Added Keyword Research Tool
Added the ability to fetch sitemap links that are not necessarily ending with XML format
Added the ability to enable detailed Reports on Export or Print
Added the ability to set the Plan’s position on the Pricing listings
Added the ability to set custom CSS code based on the color scheme
Added the ability to customize the Crawler’s User-Agent
Fixed Admin User filtration for Payments and Reports not working
Fixed the Plans not ending when being cancelled on Stripe and PayPal
Fixed external requests timeout limit not working as expected
Fixed an issue causing external resources to be linked as an internal resources in SEO reports
Other minor improvements

1.3.0 – 4 March 2022
Added Sitemap Crawling capability
Added Proxy support for the external requests of Reports and Tools
Added HTML Minifier Tool
Added CSS Minifier Tool
Added JS Minifier Tool
Added the ability to set the default country for SERP and Indexed Pages checkers
Improved the Title Tag test (checks against multiple title tags)
Improved the SEO Friendly URL test (keywords are now in string matched)
Improved the iconography
Improved the color scheme
Updated all the dependencies to their latest versions
Fixed the Clean Cronjob not being logged
Fixed the Word Counter Tool not ignoring punctuation
Fixed the Base64 Converter Tool not working due to wrong route settings
Fixed an issue that would prevent generating reports when image names would contain certain characters
Other minor improvements

1.2.0 – 1 February 2022
Added SERP Checker Tool
Added Indexed Pages Checker Tool
Added Keyword Generator Tool
Added Website Status Checker Tool
Added SSL Checker Tool
Added WHOIS Lookup Tool
Added DNS Lookup Tool
Added User-Agent Parser Tool
Improved the SEO by setting proper headings for each page
Fixed the Reports API endpoint results not including the result score
Fixed the Password generator copy button not working
Fixed the Lorem Ipsum generator copy button not working
Fixed not being able to enable Screenshots from the Admin Panel
Fixed the Tool Ads not applying the Ad codes on the Tool’s page
Other minor improvements

1.1.0 – 18 January 2022
Added Ads section in the Admin Panel
Added Projects section
Added Tools section
Added QR Generator Tool
Added Password Generator Tool
Added URL Converter Tool
Added Base64 Converter Tool
Added What is my Browser Tool
Added What is my IP Tool
Added IP Lookup Tool
Added MD5 Generator Tool
Added Lorem Ipsum Generator Tool
Added Word Counter Tool
Added Case Converter Tool
Added Text to Slug Tool
Added the ability to set a custom brand when printing or saving Reports
Added the ability to set the default privacy option when creating new Reports
Added data export in CSV format for Projects
Improved the color scheme
Improved the dark mode
Improved the SEO capabilities side-wide by adding in-file head tags for all public pages
Fixed not being able to update the Email Encryption option in the Admin Panel
Fixed the API Documentation URL path not pointing to the correct location
Other minor improvements

1.0.0 – 8 January 2022
Initial release

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Download phpRank v1.7.0 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.

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