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Lisfinity v1.3.4 – Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Lisfinity Nulled is a classified advertising WordPress theme that enables you to quickly and easily create and monetise any classified ads WordPress website.

Demo: https://themeforest.net/item/lisfinity-classified-ads-wordpress-theme/26342611

lisfinity classified ads wordpress theme demo 1
lisfinity classified ads wordpress theme demo 2
lisfinity classified ads wordpress theme demo 3
lisfinity classified ads wordpress theme demo 4
lisfinity classified ads wordpress theme demo 5
lisfinity classified ads wordpress theme demo 6
lisfinity classified ads wordpress theme demo 7
lisfinity classified ads wordpress theme demo 8

Features: Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme

  • Members select their own working hours to tell visitors about their business or personal availability.
  • Users can save listings to their favorites and return to them later.
  • WPML allows you to construct a multilingual website quickly and effortlessly.
  • Using the flagging builder behind the scenes, you may flag problematic listings to keep your website safe.
  • On the listing page, there is a loan calculator that allows consumers to easily calculate installments.
  • Fully responsive, with a strong focus on little elements and varied device displays.
  • For all RTL languages in the globe, the right to left (RTL) language orientation is fully supported.
  • If necessary, use a comparison tool with a comparison criterion builder for each category separately.
  • To achieve the desired result, use the color changer for every detail on the theme.
  • Google fonts allows you to select any typeface from Google’s vast font library.
  • Money in the currency of your choosing, with a trustworthy converter that allows users to check prices in their own country’s currency.
  • Build your classified advertising website quickly and effortlessly with detailed instructions and 50+ how-to and showcase videos.
  • Admin dashboard with easy-to-find information and a contemporary design
  • Users may utilize statistics and analytics to help them determine the best marketing for their listings.
  • Lisfinity is always up to date since the newest technology is employed.
  • Beautiful, modern, and stylish design for 2020, with excellent user experience and interface.
  • Build a safety tip generator to keep your users aware about potential scams.
  • With a one-click rapid package selection modal, you may renew your listing quickly.
  • Premium profiles have a specialized search form for their listings exclusively, as well as a microsite.
  • Promotions are created with meticulous attention to detail with the goal of achieving the maximum possible conversion rate.
  • Users may share their experiences with others using ratings and a rating builder.
  • In the construction of Lisfinity, an entirely SEO-friendly strategy was taken.
  • Lisfinity theme settings may be simply transferred and imported/exported based on your website requirements.
  • For all map appearances, you may use Google, Mapbox, or Open Street Maps.
  • Ready-to-use invoices to manage and substantiate your transactions so you can keep doing lawful business.
  • To become or stay lawful in every part of your firm, prepare tax-ready transactions.
  • While entering in the search area, live recommendations appear, allowing you to see listings, specials, and monetize them.
  • Page builder for advanced or detailed search forms for any purpose, layout, and functionality.
  • Bids are permitted on auction postings featuring a time-lapse clock to entice more bidders.
  • Messages and bids simple communication between members on a user dashboard and modals on the front end
  • Based on the device width and size, the single listing menu location and layout were dynamically altered.
  • Microtransactions are used to commercialize extra material that consumers require.
  • Discounts depending on listings, promotions, or the length of a premium profile
  • SEO slugs for WooCommerce for better SEO and white-label WooCommerce products
  • To avoid spamming and dealing with time wasters, the listing owner can ban users.
  • Unlimited layouts and a large number of Elementor and Lisfinity elements are supported by the whole Elementor page builder.
  • To add another degree of trust to your website, use Twilio SMS verification for new members.
  • Total WooCommerce is a sophisticated system in which the WooCommerce platform underpins every listing, advertising, and transaction.
  • Fields and forms may be found everywhere and whenever you need them.
  • Locations & categories a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder that allows for infinite nesting
  • The installation process includes a niche selection tool and a step-by-step one-click demo installation.
  • With various languages featured in a Lisfinity theme, it’s simple to translate.
  • Vendors will be able to buy and sell directly through the website, and the website owner will be able to keep a commission.
  • With a FREE WP All Import plugin, you can effortlessly migrate your old classified advertisements database to the Lisfinity WordPress platform.
  • Import and export categories, locations, and other data from and to the Lisfinity WordPress-based website with ease.
  • With over 60 WooCommerce payment gateways and payment methods, the payment gateways list is extensive.
  • Multi-category classified ad website with several search modes for various categories.
  • The pricing packages are WooCommerce items that may be customized to meet your specific needs.
  • To make that flow smoother and faster, employ social login or user registration.
  • The rearrangement of media, photographs, videos, and documents is simple and straightforward.
  • With Elementor and Lisfinity, you can create an unlimited number of header and footer designs and layouts.
  • With Elementor and Lisfinity, you can totally customize the home banner and the search form on the banner.
  • With Elementor and the Lisfinity theme, you can totally customize the look and layout of your listing boxes.
  • Items on a map to display all listings depending on their location for easy browsing.
  • All listings have a variety of listing kinds and price options.
  • Listing approval can be automated or done manually, depending on your needs.
  • Customers can print a physical copy of the online listing by printing listing pages.
  • Listings are shared on the most major social media platforms, as well as internally via email and popular messengers.
  • With a click to disclose phone number, you can track leads and conversions.
  • Contact popular messengers like Viber, WhatsApp, or Skype with a single click on the listing pages.
  • Packages of subscriptions for recurring subscription income

Changelog: Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme

v1.3.4 - 2022-11-10
The Highlight of the update - Bugs Fixing and Overall Improvements and many more...
Fixed: A small issue with the php 8.1 notice
Fixed: User phones not working if the website is not set in their my account
Fixed: WP Admin configuration notice after demo import is completed
Resolved: PHP8 deprecated warnings
Listing Submission
Improved: Resolved and improved free promotions calculation at the end of the listing submission process when being submitted as a part of the subscription package
Improved: Styling when the auction reserve price field is enabled
Improved: Moved “Sell on site” button below fields when auction pricing type has been chosen
Listing Page
Fixed: Black screen when clicking on the image if it has been uploaded through default upload field

v1.3.2 - 2022-9-1
This version will mainly check the issues reported by the customers and bring new features that were in the works for some time.

v1.3.0 - 2022-6-26
The Highlight of the update - Bugs Fixing and Overall Improvements and many more...
Product Page
Fixed: PHP issue on the search page if the premium categories haven’t been assigned
Fixed: Notification not being received in some instances
Improved: Removed “custom” option term from the search filters if used to allow users to add their own options during listing submission
Improved: Layout on listing elementor modules
Improved: Translations
Resolved: Small php warnings in some instances

v1.2.9 - 2022-5-10
The Highlight of the update - Bugs Fixing and Overall Improvements and many more...
Product Page
Fixed: Issue with enlarging slider image when using default media uploader (not wp media one)
Fixed: Issue when the page won't load if no images were added
Added option to use default media uploader
Improved: Code on some places to support latest php version

v1.2.8 - 2021-1-27
This version will mainly check the issues reported by the customers and bring new features that were in the works for some time.

v1.2.7 - 2021-12-30
Fixed: Duration of the price packages assigned to a user upon registration
Category Carousel
Fixed: Conflict with the latest elementor update
Listing Single
Fixed: Sometimes wrong permalink when sharing a listing
Fixed: Fallback image for the listings without any provided were not displayed
Improved: Code on some places to support latest php versions
Fixed: Fallback avatar is not being displayed when user doesn't have an image set

v1.2.6 - 2021-11-26
The Highlight of the update - Bugs Fixing and Overall Improvements and many more...
Email Subscritpions
Fixed: Message reply emails always being sent to a listing owner
Improved: Disabled agent verification
Listing Submission
Fixed: Issue with the wrong amount of free images being displayed during images upload (cosmetic issue)Improved: Change field type to text from number in order to allow users to much easier type price with decimalsImproved: Removed terms agreement field as it has been already checked by the users during registration
Promotions - Keyword Search
Fixed: Keyword search promoted items wrong redirection on click
User Registration
Fixed: Issue with the limit and duration of the default packages that are assigned to a user upon registration
Elementor Store Page
Fixed: Listing title is only being displayed on Product style 1

Fixed: Issue with the date field in the listing submission
Fixed: The pricing calculation when adding images
Improved: Set the system image uploader to be by default instead of WP media uploader. Option can be changed from Lisfinity Options -> Listings Setup -> Listing Submission

v1.2.4 - 2021-10-31
The Highlight of the update - Bugs Fixing and Overall Improvements and many more...
Fixed: issue with editing product where product commission hasn't been invoked properly
Fixed: the map wasn't defined in the Costs file
User Dashboard
Fixed: Agent listing header names
Improved: Added option to disable agents
Improved: Removed verification when adding agents
Improved: Added option to disable documented user verification
Listing Single Page
Fixed: Issue with the elementor module whatsapp number link
Business Profile Page
Fixed: Issue where average ratings wasn't removed even if reviews are disabled
Listing Submission
Fixed: Product duration time didn't affect auction end time.
Fixed: Additional Image costs error
Fixed: Fields type number accepts a non-numbers value
Elementor Header
Fixed: issue with the custom login URL link
Business Single Page
Fixed: Pagination issue
v1.2.3 - 2021-08-24 
The Highlight of the update - New Features - Agents, Pay per Category, Save Search, Email Notifications, Pay per Listings, Bugs Fixing and Overall Improvements and many more... 
Feature: From now you can add agents that can manage your account
Feature: Save searches and get timely notifications when listing matching your query becomes available
Feature: Many new email notification settings
Feature: Pay per Listing
Feature: Use default image uploader instead of WordPress media uploader
Listings Submit
Fixed: The error messages when a mandatory field is not selected are missing.
Fixed: Additional media cost displayed 0 in the Media and Promotion tab.
Fixed: Price per category doesn't change if the multicurrency is set.
Fixed: Price per category isn't included in the total cost.
Fixed: When the return button is pressed from the Promotion page back to the Media page, the initially correctly shown image cost is no longer displayed correctly.
Fields Builder
Fixed: Issue when editing the fields on wordpress.org hosted sites
Fixed: Conflict with the version of WordPress 5.8
Feature: Added 'daily rate' ('per day' and 'per hour') pricing option.
Fixed: After registration user is not redirected to the user dashboard.
Fixed: When a user registers using email and password it remains on the register page instead of being redirected to the Dashboard.
Fixed: The website field validation throws an error.
Fixed: Chosen type of the account (additional profile field) doesn't apply to the newly registered users.
Fixed: Character & doesn't show correctly in the header admin name
Dashboard Subscription Package
Fixed: Subscription information didn't display on the user dashboard
Fixed: 'Per week' and 'Per month' prices are not displayed correctly.
Listing Submit Form
Fixed: When a user submits the listing the blank screen appears although the listing is successfully submitted.
Fixed: Additional costs for the listing submission in the specific category is not visible on the last step of the submission form
Fixed: Listings Tab - the promotion card doesn't display properly when there is only one promotion displayed
Single Listing Page
Fixed: The WhatsApp number is not in the correct format.
Fixed: Price doesn't change if the multicurrency is set.
Fixed: Images in the Product Gallery don't change alt attribute.
Elementor Single Listing Page
Fixed: Zoom in images from the gallery doesn't scale properly.
Search Page
Fixed: Sidebar filters on smaller devices are not visible.
Fixed: Per week and per month prices are not displayed correctly in the custom style.
Banner Search Form
Fixed: Range input doesn't show correct values.
Payment Packages
Fixed: the discount message is showing partially.
Search Page
Fixed: Filter fields shows suffix and prefix duplicated
Fixed: The time format AM/PM doesn't apply to the working hours format.

v1.2.2 - 2021-07-03​
The Highlight of the update - Bugs Fixing and Overall Improvements
Fixed: Issue with the users being able to post listings after registration when the option was set otherwise
Fixed: Become a vendor button isn't being removed when vendors are disabled
Fixed: Become premium button isn't being removed when premium profiles are disabled
Improved: New user manual approval for listing posting
Improved: Added option to disable expired listing deletion from the site
Improved: Attaching business profile to users created by WooCommerce internal system
Listings Submit
Fixed: Promotions tab upon listing submission is being removed incorrectly when a number of free promotions that are being assigned to a listing is not even to available promotions
Improved: Force sorting of the fields by name
Product Single
Fixed: Potential issue when checking for the premium only taxonomies
Fixed: Issue that was sometimes occurring when checking for the premium taxonomies
Fixed: The Business logo was not displayed.
Elementor Lisfinity -> Ads
Fixed: If the 'custom' style is chosen listings are displayed only on the first tab.
Business Elementor Template
Fixed: The user id used to check for the premium account is wrong
Improved: Added see ad page link on the mobile version too

v1.2.1 - 2021-05-19​
The Highlight of the update - Display listings to members/premium users only
New Features
Feature: Added option to display listings only to site members or premium users
Improved: Greatly improved SEO for the single listing page
Improved: Improved social network listing sharing data
Home Search
Fixed: Issue with wrong steps count in the number field type (range fields)
Business Details
Fixed: Profile Image / Logo doesn't appear after choosing one.
User Dashboard - Listings
Improved: Added id and click text for the google tag manager options
Listing Submission
Fixed: If the first field empty option is selected, the field is not selectable.
Fixed: Images not being displayed if the media tab is switch to the first step of edit listing form
Fixed: Translation of the 'choose category' string when empty category by default option is enabled
Improved: Improved the way collapsable checkbox groups are behaving on click for better user experience
Premium Profil
Fixed: The white screen appears
Register Form +Improved: Added option for adding the first and last name fields in the registration form.

Single Listing Page
Fixed: The fallback image does not appear in the gallery.
Search Page
Fixed: If the option to show the term icon is selected, the icon wasn't displayed.
Fixed: The taxonomy prefix and suffix weren't displayed.
Category Page
Fixed: If the option to show the term icon is selected, the icon wasn't displayed.
Fixed: The taxonomy prefix and suffix weren't displayed.
Elementor Search Page
Fixed: If the option to show the term icon is selected, the icon wasn't displayed.
Fixed: The taxonomy prefix and suffix weren't displayed.
Register Form
Improved: Added option to display first and last name in the form.
Social Login
Improved: Used the avatar from the social network page if available

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Download Lisfinity v1.3.4 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.


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