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Full Font Awesome Pro v6.2.0 Paid Pro (Desktop+Web)

Font Awesome PRO gives you scalable vector icons that you can easily personalize – size, color, shadow and everything you can do with CSS. In the new 5.13.0 version, 120 icons have been added.

Special: COVID-19: Free Awareness Icons help inform hygiene recommendations and other initiatives to combat COVID-19! Use these icons in signs, reminders, tracking apps, etc.

Notable improvements Font Awesome Pro

COVID-19: Free Awareness Icons

Unknown font object

Time to raid Area 51? The developer has added a lot of alien icons.

Galaxy icons, galaxy

We are ready for the ultimate limit in a galaxy far, far away.

New household icon

Refresh your home with a new collection of family icons.

Font Awesome Pro includes 7842 premium icons and 4 Styles — Solid, Regular, Light, & Duotone!

Get more icons, styles, tools and support.

The Internet’s most popular icon set has been redesigned and built from the ground up. On top of that, features like icon ligatures, SVG frameworks, official NPM packages for popular libraries like React, and access to a new CDN.

Font Awesome Documentation

Info: https://fontawclaw.com/proDocumentation: https://fontawclaw.ru/get-started/

Learn how to get started with Font Awesome and then dive deeper into other and advanced topics:

Using Font Awesome on the Web

SVG with JavaScript
Web Fonts with CSS
Upgrade from version 4
Install Font Awesome with package manager
Download + store Awesome font yourself
Performance and security
Resovle problem

Options & Advanced Techniques

Using CSS pseudo-elements
SVG sprites
Font Awesome API
SVG icon
SVG JavaScript Core
Server-side rendering

Use Font Awesome on the desktop

Upgrade from version 4
Use ligatures
Using glyphs
Resovle problem

Where did Font Awesome 4 (or 3) go?

Now that Font Awesome 5 has been released, the developer is marking version 4 as the end. Fontawesome has no plans to release any more 4.x or 3.x versions.

The documentation is still available but it has been moved to https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0 and https://fontawesome.com/v3.2.1.

Git repositories for v4.7.0 and v3.2.1 can be found in Fontawesome GitHub releases.

Changelog: Font Awesome Paid Pro – Official Release

Introducing the Font Awesome Sharp family!
3,000+ icons in a new, modern style: Sharp Solid
Sharp Regular, Light, Thin, and Duotone are in the works!
Icons are all built on the same 16px grid as existing Font Awesome Classic icons.
Every Classic Solid icon has been reviewed and redrawn where necessary to better compliment the new Sharp Solid style.
Behind the scenes, we built new reusable modifier components for our icons, to ensure consistency between elements.
Two new files are now available from the metadata directory: icon-families.json and icon-families.yml which are restructured to support Font Awesome Families.
Using Pseudo Elements with Web Fonts now includes CSS Custom Properties for setting font-family
EcmaScript modules (ESM) have been renamed from .es.js to .mjs Font-Awesome#19041

Humanely captured a new sponsored mouse-field icon
Made Milton proud with a new stapler icon
Launched a new space-awesome logo
Put our sights on a new crosshairs-simple icon
Screwed in some new lightbulb-cfl and lightbulb-cfl-on icons
Made a stink about the correct way to load your roll with new toilet-paper-check and toilet-paper-xmark icons
Fired up the bbq with our new grill, grill-hot, and grill-fire icons
Switched on our new toggle-large-on and toggle-large-off icons
Said yes to a new ring-diamond icon
New square-gitlab brand icon

Released March 22, 2022
Added a plus-large variant of our plus icon
Added new child-dress icon
Added a TypeScript d.ts file for the import.macro.js module
Adjusted the children icon to be more consistent with the new child and child-dress icons
Lowered the arms on the child icon and added a new child-reaching variant to match v5 icon
Brought back a handful of version 4 compatibility unicode aliases (like “plus” and “asterisk”) that were incorrectly removed in 6.1.0
Fixing light style of square-star, so it looks less like circle-star
Made thin style of cubes-stacked actually thin
Fixed dial-max icon in the light and thin styles, and standardized width on dial indicators in the solid and duotone styles

Released March 15, 2022
Collaborated with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) on a set of new icons that depict themes of interest to the humanitarian community such as clusters, disaster types, categories of affected people, and relief items.
New Humanitarian category
New Disaster + Crisis category
All icons in Humanitarian category added to Font Awesome Free
Crossed over with a new sponsored bridge-suspension icon
Cut the deck with a new cards-blank icon
Pointed to new sponsored icons (arrow-right-from-arc and arrow-right-to-arc) and added a couple alternates (arrow-down-to-arc and arrow-up-from-arc)
New down-to-bracket and up-from-bracket icons
Merged in a new merge icon to match our existing split icon
New sponsored ScreenPal brand icon
Claimed our stake in new sponsored hexagon-vertical-nft and hexagon-vertical-nft-slanted icons
Made an entirely fungible new sponsored hexagon-image icon
Nearly communicated some new sponsored NFC-related icons: nfc-directional and nfc-symbol
New shield-quartered icon
Zoomed in on our xmark icon, and made an xmark-large variant
Reverted our shield icon so it matches the v5 styling and renamed the old shield-alt icon to shield-halved. Aliases should make this change seamless.
Reverted our folder icon so it matches the v5 styling and updated naming of v6 icon to folder-closed to match our existing folder-open icon
Updated Elementor brand icon
Went back to flight school, and replaced the oddly incongruous propellors on our light plane-engines icon with actual, you know, jet engines
Consolidated all the Sass functions to _functions.scss
Switched to a Sass/Less loop to build Duotone icons pre-processor files
The metadata directory has been re-introduced into download and package files
Fixed vertical alignment of light-emergency-on icon so that it has same baseline as light-emergency icon
Nudged the circle-half, circle-quarter, and circle-three-quarters icons so they’re a bit more consistent and don’t jump .05 pixels when swapping between them
Tuned up the solid style of the truck-fast icon
Chopped our solid heart-half icon so it was actually half a heart.
Fixed the handle on our duotone mailbox icon
Took to the friendly skies and added a missing propellor to our plane-prop icon
We are no longer missing icons in the thin style of the house-user and house-chimney-user
Aligned the version number for @fortawesome/fontawesome-svg-core and @fortawesome/fontwesome-common-types to make it easier to know what version goes with the icon packages
Added the missing . for the .fa class in the Less pre-processor files
Cleaned up some junk unicode aliases for several icons
Replaced {{currentYear}} with the actual year in NPM package attribution
Removed an example that contained that was messing with some build tools
Prevent aliases from overwriting main icon modules for deep imports in our NPM packages (faPaintbrush.js and faPaintBrush.js gave folks the most grief)
Mark the styles.css as having side effects to prevent CSS processors from tree-shaking out Font Awesome styles
Add number as a supported type for aliases and ligatures in TypeScript .d.ts file

Released Feb 7, 2022
The official release of a whole new version of Font Awesome! This is a major release that we’ve been carefully brewing for over a year, and it includes:
Over 7,000 new icons, which means Font Awesome now has over 14,000 icons available, and over 1,700 of those are Free!
Font Awesome now has 5 styles – Solid, Regular, Light, Duotone, and now, the all-new Thin style!
Official support for uploading your own icon and Version 6 in Kits, the easiest way to use Font Awesome.
A bunch of new animations that you can add to any icon, including fade, bounce, spin, and flip, just to name a few.
A ton more CSS custom properties to customize and style your icons just the way you want.
New and improved icon search and expanded icon categories that let’s you find – and use! – any icon in a couple of clicks.
New and improved documentation to help you through any situation.
Improved ligatures for designing on the Desktop, especially for Duotone icons.
New Python/Django plugin.
Updated Vue and React components.
Updates to our Javascript, GraphQL, and Conflict Detection APIs.
Smooooth upgrading! We spent a lot of time making upgrading easy, so grab the latest and kick back while our icons do the work.
New convenience functions that make working with CSS Pseudo-elements in SASS and LESS a breeze.
New fun animations fa-bounce and fa-shake
A few more new icons
Removed penny-arcade and acquisitions-incorporated at the request of the copyright holder
NPM packages now contain a “styles” and “modules” export in the “exports” section of the package.json
Removed the use of Object.fromEntries to prevent syntax warnings in older targets and browsers

List of files/folders/programs included:

FA6 Pro Web, Desktop
FA6 Free Web, Desktop
FA Wallpapers
FA 3D chess set
Font Awesome Pro Subsetter-5.15.4 Setup.exe

Download and share the latest Font Awesome Pro v6.2.0 for free

(This is branched differently than previous versions of Beta and FA5)​

The wait is finally over. Font Awesome 6.0.0 has officially launched!​

To include how to add to Elementor Pro)​

According to https://elementor.com/help/icon-library/​

You simply add the code of 00e276d6a6 and it will work based on the kit code which is the latest V6 I am giving here so enjoy!​

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.

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