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Edubin v8.13.6 – Education LMS WordPress Theme

Edubin Theme Nulled is one of the best WordPress educational LMS themes for selling online courses, universities, colleges, schools, training centers, e-learning, course guides, education centers, and other solutions.

Edubin – The WordPress Theme is an all-in-one educational solution with all the bells and whistles. It’s made with Elementor Page Builder, a drag-and-drop page builder.

You may create webpages for any form of education using Edubin. Tutor, LearnDash, LearnPress 3, and a variety of additional LMS plugins are supported by the Edubin Theme. Is there still support for Edubin? Event Calendar, Event Registration, WooCommerce Shop, and a slew of other features are available.

Edubin Theme for WordPress Created as a Learning Management System for platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Edx, Training Center, Courses Hub, language school, eLearning Business, audio education school, music, dancing academy, and driving school, Academy, University, or school.

Demo: https://themeforest.net/search/24037792

edubin education lms wordpress theme demo 1
edubin education lms wordpress theme demo 2
edubin education lms wordpress theme demo 3
edubin education lms wordpress theme demo 4

Features Edubin – Education WordPress Theme

  • Elementor Page Builder
  • LMS course includes designs for schools, colleges, and universities
  • Supported LMS: Tutor, LearnDash, and LearnPress 3
  • Courses, Lessons, Questions, and Topic Functions in the LMS
  • There are two types of course layouts: grid and list.
  • Custom theme choices that are more advanced
  • Import demos with a single click
  • A grouping of components Giant Elementor
  • Options for blog layouts that are flexible
  • Page for the teacher / page for the teacher’s information
  • List of upcoming events and registration options
  • Bootstrap 4 was used to create this site.
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Support for WooCommerce
  • Completely Responsive

Changelog: Edubin – Education LMS WordPress Theme

= v8.13.5 – November-11-2022 =
Improved: LearnPress single page layouts

= v8.13.3 – November-06-2022 =
New: Added LearnDash Course category option single page
Improved: LearnDash Course single page layout

= v8.12.32 – October-23-2022 =
Updated: Edubin Core plugin and Dummy data content

= v8.12.28 – October-10-2022 =
Updated: Tutor LMS dashboard page style

= v8.12.22 – October-01-2022 =
Updated: Course Elementor Addon

= v8.12.17 – August-19-2022 =
Fix: LearnDash LMS course addon topics count issue
Fix: LearnDash LMS Popup login color issue

= v8.12.16 – August-19-2022 =
Fix: Tutor LMS Course addon price issue

= v8.12.15 – August-12-2022 =
Fix: Tutor LMS Course addon translate issue

= v8.12.14 – July-14-2022 =
Added: Tutor LMS profile page header show/hide option
Fix: Tutor LMS dashboard and enroll course page style issue

= v8.12.13 – July-05-2022 =
Added: Category showing option for LearnPress LMS course addon style 2
Improved: Tutor LMS course single page mobile devices layout

= v8.12.12 – June-23-2022 =
Fix: Teacher widget tab error issue

= v8.12.11 – June-04-2022 =
Fix: Error issue in the Tutor LMS course archive page
Fix: Teacher widget target=”_blank” issue

= v8.12.10 – May-21-2022 =
Fix: Some of issues with Tutor LMS version 2.0

= v8.12.6 – April-20-2022 =
Fix: Error issue with latest version LearnPress LMS
Updated: Tutor LMS course details page style

= v8.12.4 – March-25-2022 =
Updated: Compatible with Tutor LMS version 2.0

= 8.12.2 – Feb-23-2022 =
Updated: LearnDash LMS dummy data import file

= v8.12.1 – Feb-21-2022 =
Fix: Latest version Tutor LMS review section style issue

= v8.11.27 – Feb-01-2022 =
Updated: Tutor LMS course single page style

= v8.11.26 – Jun-27-2022 =
Updated: Updated check mark select option

= v8.11.23 – Jun-13-2022 =
Updated: Added Section 3 addon background iamge add option

= v8.11.20 – Jun-03-2022 =
Updated: Removed the TGM plugin install notification

= v8.11.19 – Dec-22-2021 =
Fix: CMB2 page option conflict issue with LearnDash LMS

= 8.11.18 – Dec-20-2021 =
New: Added a instructor home page

= v8.11.17 – Dec-05-2021 =
Fix: Blog elementor addon issue

= v8.11.16 – Dec-05-2021 =
Added: Edubin Blog elementor addon read more button
Updated: Page header height option

= v8.11.15 – Nov-24-2021 =
Improved: Search eleementor addon option
Updated: Updated Classic LMS homepage dummy content

= 8.11.14 – Nov-24-2021 =
New: Added Classic LMS homepage variations

= v8.11.10 – Nov-07-2021 =
Fix: Blog Addon meta option show hide issue

= v8.11.9 – Oct-28-2021 =
Improved: Hero Section 2 addon option
Fix: Tutor LMS course editor style issue

= v8.11.6 – Oct-19-2021 =
New: Cooking/Recipe Home Demo
New: Elementor Footer Builder
New: Elemenotr Header Bulder Elements

= v8.11.1 – Sep-30-2021 =
New: Contact From 7 Dummy XML file with theme package
Updated: Dummy data content for contact from 7
Improved: Contact From 7 elementor addon

= v8.10.22 – Sep-22-2021 =
Fix: Minor CSS issue on WooCommerce shop product

= v8.10.21 – Sep-10-2021 =
Fix: LearnPress Course Single page sidebar error issue fixed
Updated: Compatible with latest version LearnPress LMS plugin

= v8.10.20 – Sep-09-2021 =
Fix: The course addon compatible with old version PHP

= 8.10.18 – Sep-04-2021 =
New: Added Logo button space control option for mobile devices

v8.10.14 - 2021-Aug-29
New: Tutor advanced course filter addon
Updated: Added Course filter page and Update Tutor LMS dummy data

v8.10.12- 2021-Aug-27
New: LearnDash course advanced course filter addon
New: LearnDash List View Grid View feature

v8.10.6 - 2021-07-31
Fix: LearnPress archive page item loop issue

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Download Edubin Theme v8.13.6 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.


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