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Avas Theme v6.3.7.8 – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Avas Nulled | Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme is a multi-purpose responsive WordPress theme with light weight and fewer plugins.

Avas use for any purpose, such as a business, corporate website, agency, portfolio, application, news, blog, magazine, cleaning service, construction, equipment design, freelance, wedding, restaurant and more.

WordPress Avas There are more than 25 different pre-made demos, one-click demo installation is supported, so you can choose any one according to your preference. Avas templates were created with Elementor Ultra-fast ultra-lightweight page builder with drag and drop, so your site won’t load as much.

Theme Avas added many options to theme settings panel with Redux Framework, so you don’t need any programming knowledge.

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Demo: https://themeforest.net/item/avas-multi-purpose-responsive-wordpress-theme/19775390

Feature Avas Theme – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

  • Built with Redux Framework for easy customization and endless options.
  • Built using Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Page Builder Elementor, the best lightweight page builder, won’t slow down your page. You can create a more interesting page in minutes.
  • SEO optimized for a recognizable search engine, 100% responsive, works great on all devices.
  • Smooth parallax effect.
  • Modern pixel design with 19 customizable templates.
  • Beautiful gallery catalog optimized for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Built-in font icons for Google Font, Font Awesome, Flaticon and Icomoon.
  • Fully integrated contact form 7 with built-in CSS styles.
  • Sticky menu header response.
  • Left – right sidebar of the blog.
  • Portfolio layouts are filtered to select a three-column grid, a four-column grid, and page numbering.
  • Compatible WPML Multilingual CMS.
  • Support for WordPress themes.
  • Custom widgets included.
  • Integrated one-click demo installation.

Changelog: Avas Theme

v6.3.7.8 – NOVEMBER 9, 2022
- New: Mailchimp Elementor widget created. You need to install the MC4WP plugin to use this widget.
- Updated: Redux Framework.

- New: Interior demo is released https://tiny.one/avas-interior
- Remove: Avas gallery image by default unwanted link.
- Tweak: The sidebar's shadow is not visible properly on different screens.

v6.3.7.6 – OCTOBER 23, 2022
- Updated: Redux Framework.
- Dev: Removed unused classes from all widgets.
- Dev: Cleaned codes.

v6. – OCTOBER 10, 2022
- Fixed: "?>" is showing on the header.

v6.3.7.3 – SEPTEMBER 21, 2022
- Fixed: Custom post types category breadcrumbs not showing.
- Fixed: Services template settings title not showing correctly.

v6.3.7 – SEPTEMBER 1, 2022 
- Fixed: "Avas Animated Heading" widget effects are not working on the front end.
- Updated: Redux Framework.
- Dev: Separated all the Elementor widgets script individually so it won't load all the scripts together and optimized the loading speed.

v6.3.6.10 – AUGUST 24, 2022
- New: Elementor widget added.
- Fixed: Next-Form WordPress plugin conflicts with the responsive menu.

v6.3.6.8 – AUGUST 04, 2022
- New: Elementor widget added.
- Fixed: Single course page related-course layout issue.

v6.3.6.6 – JULY 18, 2022
- New: Elementor widget added.
- Added: Menu alignment options for header style 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 via Theme Options > Menu > Main Menu > Main Menu Alignment.

v6.3.5 – MARCH 14, 2022
- Integrated: "WPC Smart Quick View for WooCommerce" plugin for Quick View products.
- Integrated: "WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce" plugin for Wishlist products.
- Integrated: "WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce" plugin for Compare products.
- Added: Video option on single portfolio.
- Fixed: PHP error "Undefined variable" on single post.
- Fixed: After click "ADD TO CART", "VIEW CART" text overlapping to the product name on Woocommerce product.
- Fixed: Portfolio archive page show duplicate portfolio.
- Fixed: Top Header login text and icon not in same align.
- Fixed: Browsers Adblocker extensions block header ads.
- Tweak: Posts "Video Option" position changed to the sidebar at backend.
- Tweak: Changed Woocommerce product "ADD TO CART" hover effect.
- Tweak: Enqueue styles more specifically for plugins, custom post types, theme options, etc.
- Updated: Redux Framework.

v6.3.4.1 – FEBRUARY 10, 2022
- Fixed: PHP version 8x compatible issue.
- Updated: Redux Framework.

v6.3.3.2 – JANUARY 17, 2022
- Integrated: "The Events Calendar" plugin.
- Added: WooCommerce Product list under mini cart icon on the header.
- Added: Min-height option to the Avas Profile widget style 2.
- Fixed: Add to cart icon not showing product count without reloading the page when adding product to the mini cart icon on the header.
- Fixed: Always display WordPress Default gallery border which affected on Elementor Basic Gallery widget.
- Fixed: Some FontAwesome icons are not showing.
- Updated: Redux Framework.
- Note: If you see any icons not showing properly please check this: https://tiny.one/avas-icons-issue

v6.3.3.1 – JANUARY 01, 2022
- Added: "Dark mode enable when loading the website" option on Theme Options panel.
- Fixed: Few demos couldn't import.
- Fixed: Single Portfolio gallery arrow overlapping on the sticky header.
- Fixed: Sub-menu box-shadow missing.
- Fixed: Avas Chart icon didn't show properly on Elementor editor mode.

v6.3.2.0 – NOVEMBER 01, 2021
- Added: Box-Shadow to the sticky header.
- Added: Sticky Header height on Theme Options panel.
- Added: Sticky Header for Responsive Device on Theme Options panel.
- Added: Search icon, menu button, cart icon, side menu/hamburger icon, sticky logo on Header style 10.
- Added: "Top Header Welcome Message" enable/disable option for mobile phones on Theme Options panel.
- Added: "Top Header...

v6.3.1.1 – SEPTEMBER 23, 2021
- Fixed: Avas Core plugin PHP error while trying to install on PHP version lower or upper than 7.4.
- Added: Margin, Border, Border-radius, Border color, Background color options on the Main menu item on Theme Options panel.
- Added: Height and Box-shadow options for the Search function on the "Avas Gallery" Elemenetor widget.
- Updated: Redux Framework.

v6.3.1 – SEPTEMBER 16, 2021
- Added: Related post-bar navigation color on Theme Options panel.
- Added: Related course bar navigation color on Theme Options panel.
- Added: Service template excerpt limit on Theme Options panel.
- Added: Side Menu/Hamburger icon padding option on Theme Options panel.
- Added: Search icon padding option on Theme Options panel.
- Added: Top header height for mobile phone in Theme Options panel.
- Added: New social icons Dribbble, Tiktok, WeChat, Viber, Line, Foursquare, Mix, Ravelry, Delicious, DeviantArt, Meetup, Quora, Discord, Goodreads, Medium, Ello.
- Fixed: "Theme registered on another domain already" notice was not showing.
- Fixed: Single Portfolio Full Width template comment section not showing.
- Fixed: Blog template read more button aligned not correctly.
- Fixed: Responsive menu fonts not changing via Theme Options panel.
- Fixed: After imported Creative Agency demo data, shop menu item not showing products.
- Tweak: Single portfolio progress-bar height increased.
- Tweak: Set single portfolio meta icons more space.
- Implement: Bootstrap Icons.
- Migrated: All widgets icons to Fontawesome 5 those have Fontawesome 4. List of widgets: Heading, Call to action, Icon Box button icon, Image Box button icon. Please add the icons again if you find them missing on the above widgets.

- New: Bicycle Repair demo released. Checkout: https://tinyurl.com/avas-bicycle-repair
- Added: Custom Background, Gradient color option on "Avas Dual Button" Elemenetor widget.
- Added: Title background color, HTML Tag option on "Avas Image Hover" Elemenetor widget.
- Fixed: "Avas Image Hover" Elemenetor widget description line height not working.
- Fixed: "Avas Price Menu" Elemenetor widget style not working.

VERSION 6.2.6 – JULY 01, 2021
- New: Bakery demo released. Checkout: https://tinyurl.com/avas-bakery
- Fixed: Post pagination not working properly on the front page.
- Fixed: Registration page overlay issue.
- Fixed: Theme Options Typography line-height value set automatically when sets the font size.
- Fixed: WooCommerce product name font size not changing via Theme Options panel.
- Fixed: Pagination border color not changing.
- Fixed: Avas Post Alter widget Space between post and Content Position(X) setting not working on responsive devices.
- Added: WooCommerce product background color on Theme Options panel.
- Added: WooCommerce Product hover Add to Cart text color, hover color, background color, typography on Theme Options panel.
- Tweak: WooCommerce notice icon color change via Theme Options > WooCommerce > WooCommerce Cart & Checkout Page border line color.

- Fixed: PHP error notice.
- Fixed: Preloader stuck on Mozilla Firefox browser and Mobile Phones.
- Fixed: Avas Button style 5 hover padding not working.
- Removed: Text-transform uppercase from WooCommerce product title.
- Updated: Redux Core.

v6.1.34 – APRIL 1, 2021
- Fixed: Post image alignment issue.
- Removed: "Avas Instagram" Elementor widget due to Instagram company stopped providing their API services.
- Developer: Set locale for change the comma to decimal avoid brakes of Elementor generated CSS style.

v6.1.32 – MARCH 16, 2021
- Integrated: Gravity Form.
- New: "Avas Gravity Form" Elemenetor widget.
- Added: Product height option in "Avas WooCommerce Grid" Elemenetor widget.
- Added: ALT tag to the WooCommerce product hover image.
- Fixed: WooCommerce product hover image not showing correctly.

VERSION 6.1.31 – MARCH 4, 2021
- New: eBook demo released. Check out here https://tinyurl.com/avas-ebook
- New: "Avas Gallery" Elemenetor widget. Example: https://tinyurl.com/avas-gallery-widget
- Added: "Avas WooCommerce Grid" Elemenetor widget background-color, box-shadow, title hover color, title hover background-color.
- Added: "Avas WooCommerce Carousel" Elemenetor widget background-color, box-shadow, title hover background-color.
- Added: WooCommerce cart & checkout page's button background color, hover color, borderline color can be changed via the Theme Options panel.
- Fixed: "Avas Icon Box" Elemenetor widget SVG icon color not changing.
- Fixed: WooCommerce related product responsive issue.
- Fixed: "Avas WooCommerce Product Grid" Elemenetor widget responsive issue.

v6.1.30 – FEBRUARY 8, 2021
- New: "Avas Team Alter" Elemenetor widget. Example: http://bit.ly/2OiLTsz
- Fixed: Single Portfolio gallery thumbnail image broken.
- Fixed: Admin console JS error("TypeError: jQuery(...).typeWatch is not a function").

VERSION 6.1.26 – JANUARY 20, 2021
- Tweak: Related Posts and Single Post options set separately as submenu of Posts option.
- Added: Related posts Style 1, Style 2 in Theme Options panel.
- Added: Total Related posts count in Theme Options panel.
- Added: Related posts title hover color in Theme Options panel.
- Added: Related posts title typography in Theme Options panel.
- Fixed: Sticky logo visible on "Header Style 2" and "Header Style 9".
- Fixed: Subheader error on custom posts types.
- Updated: Redux Core.

VERSION 6.1.24 – JANUARY 3, 2021
- New: "Avas Lottie" Elemenetor widgets. Example: http://bit.ly/3hAdyzM
- Added: 404 error page template customize options in Theme Options panel.
- Updated: Redux Core.

VERSION 6.1.23 – DECEMBER 22, 2020 =
- New: "Avas Hotspot" Elemenetor widgets. Example: http://bit.ly/34xRTTk
- Added: Sticky logo on Theme Options > Global > Logo.
- Fixed: Elemenetor "Hide Title" not working in editor mode.

= v6.1.22 – DECEMBER 10, 2020 =
- Fixed: Cart PHP warning.
- Fixed: "Avas Post Grid" Elementor widget Style 3 date color not changing.
- Fixed: Header's menu bar behind to the Revolution Slider, z-index issue.
- Fixed: jQuery.fn.click() event shorthand is deprecated.
- Fixed: jQuery.fn.load() event shorthand is deprecated.
- Fixed: jQuery.fn.focus() event shorthand is deprecated.

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Download Avas Theme v6.3.7.8 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.


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